“Distiller’s Choice 2021” is a distillate of the 2017 harvest, matured for three years in barrels #38 and #39.  
These are spirit, heavy-toasted, French barrels of a capacity of 200 litres, which are used for the first time.
The French barrels used by the Kardasi Distillery are also usually included in the blending process of the “kardasi tsipouro aged” along with American barrels maturing in the family cellar under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
The content of these barrels has been selected by the distiller and filled into 536 bottles.
The primary floral aromas of the distillate were enriched with the fine aromas of French oak.
The final product is a fine, fatty, buttery distillate with the characteristic aromas of citrus, roasted nuts, spices, dried plum, and a slightly sweet cinnamon aftertaste.
The elegant, luxury case was especially designed for these 536 bottles, since this distillate was launched in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Kardasi Distillery.

Enjoy it!!!

The Aged Kardasis Tsipouro is a fine distillate from black muscat grapes, aged in French and American oak barrels. The distillate remains in the barrels for a period of 18 – 24 months. The residence time depends on the type and the level of burning of the barrel. The ageing process changes the nature of tsipouro, giving it finer aromas, richer taste and a very intense aftertaste.
The final blend constitutes an exceptional distillate, soft and full, which surprises pleasantly.

In it dominate aromas of fresh fruit, vanilla, citrus fruits, as well as of spices, mocha chocolate and a smoky aroma. It can be consumed without water, at a low temperature, in a distillate glass (tulip glass) as a digestif following a good meal. It can also be served in an old-fashioned glass, at a cool temperature, accompanied by spicy nuts or dried fruits (prunes, apricots, figs etc.). It goes best with bitter chocolate with orange filling. It can also be used as a base for imaginative cocktails.

In 1958 our grandfather, Konstantinos Kardasis, planted a vineyard with the Muscat Hamburg variety.
This vineyard is a part of the acreage owned by the family and intended for the vinification and production of our distillates.
In 2019, we decided to vinify and distill separately the low-yield grapes of this vineyard.
Due to the old age and the peculiarity of the place and the soil where the old roots of the muscat are planted, the grapes it produces have special and distinct citrus aromas, in addition to the usual floral aromas of the variety.
We isolate those aromas and highlight them through the special distillation process, which is performed under low-intensity heat, strictly extracting the “heart” of the fraction and interrupting the process at 67% vol.
This results in a distillate of an excellent quality, soft and balanced at its creation, with a strong attitude.
It is diluted and bottled at 43,5% vol, the most suitable point to highlight its aromatic profile.
Its limited production reaches 20.000 bottles per year.
GOLDEN HARVEST is a high-quality white distillate that can be enjoyed plain or can be mixed as a basis for special cocktails in contemporary mixology.

Tsipouro without Anise constitutes the primary distillate obtained from Black Muscat from Tyrnavos. The first fractions of the distillation (heads) and the last ones (tails) are removed. The main distillate (heart) is slowly redistillated at a low temperature. Thus, the distillate keeps the aroma and the nature of the grape variety obtained from unaltered.
Apart from the aroma of the black muscat, which dominates, aromas of spring roses, blackberry, citrus fruit, peach etc. are detected in the distillate. Its taste is soft and its aftertaste pleasantly aromatic.
It is served without water at 12-15°C. It is accompanied by traditional Greek delicacies, such as meat in spicy sauce, Greek sausage with peppers, spicy salads, pickles etc.

In Tsipouro with Anise, the anise and fennel seeds are added in it at the second stage of the re-distillation. In this tsipouro dominates the aroma of anise, leaving a light tingle on tongue and a sweet aftertaste.

” Respect for my family’s legacy,
Devotion and Love for creation.
Faith and Vision for tomorrow “


Konstantinos Kardasis